Looking for a rug? Why not Bring it Home before you buy!? Why Art Hide’s free render service is a game changer

Here at Art Hide, we know that great spaces start from the ground up.
So, we understand that choosing the right rug for your home is a really important decision!

It’s also a quite hard decision with many factors to consider. And don’t you just wish you could SEE what it looks like at home before buying it?
Enter our Bring it Home! service!

Art Hide’s brilliant Bring it Home! service enables you to see exactly what our rugs would look like at your place. Thanks to our realistic rendering technology, we can show you any Art Hide rug in the room where you want to put it.

We can even change the colour or make it bigger (or smaller) to show you the impact this will have.

Right now, we’re offering our Bring it Home! service for absolutely nothing! That’s right, we’ll prepare a special render just for you, that shows your favourite Art Hide rug at home, for free!

Simply order it for free on our website via the Product Pages, by uploading an image of your room!

And, if you want to swatch of the chosen rug to check colours and feel, for a very low price, you can order an A4 Swatch of the actual rug.
Our Bring it Home! swatch and render services combined is the closest thing to actually Bringing it Home, so why not give it a try?! Just listen to our customer, Andy, “A soon as we saw Art Hide’s work, we knew our search for a stunning hallway runner was over. We loved the beautiful pattern created, but as always it’s hard to be absolutely certain how such a prominent feature will look in-situ with the already existing pieces we had. Art Hide’s rendering service fixed all that! We could literally view our cow-hide runner laid down in our hallway – and the detail of the render was startling. The service made our 99% sure-thing feeling 100% certain!”

 Now is a great time to Bring it Home! and order before the end of June when our prices go up! Make sure you sign up to our Admire VIP program for our latest news and offers! Contact us for any questions.

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