Interview with Tess Beagley – The Lady behind Minted Interiors

After working with Tess for multiple campaigns and shots, we finally managed to sit down with her for a quick tête-à-tête, where she talks about how she created what we now know as Minted Interiors, when she realized her calling, along with an astonishing anecdote from her younger days and more!

    1. How did your journey start?
      I started my career journey with a Mass Communications degree – majoring in PR & Journalism. From there I spent ten years working in the Not-For-Profit, Land Development and Finance industries, in various Public Relations roles in Perth and London before taking the leap into Interiors in 2011.
    2. When did you realize your calling?
      I really enjoyed the challenge and learning opportunities in my corporate roles however never felt creatively satisfied. Interiors had always been bubbling away in the background as a big interest / hobby and when I took maternity leave before having my first baby Lotte, I started doing some very casual interior consulting for friends and the friend referralsbegan to snowball. It really ended up being a natural progression to move into launching a business – Minted Interiors was officially born (after a few years of planning and setting up the background work) in 2014.

    1. Any particular life-experience that moulded your interest towards interior design?
      It’s interesting you ask this question. I think in a way I’ve always known that I wanted to be an interior designer. I was going through some of my childhood possessions at my parent’s place the other month and I stumbled across a diary I kept as a 10 year old. To my astonishment, it was filled with hand drawn house plans, drawings of décor and even a written entry to say “I am going to be a Interior Designer”. I had forgotten all about it.I know I used to drive my Mum spare collecting different bits and bobs from the farm we lived on as kids, using them to ‘style’ my room. Not sure sheep skulls and broken bottles hanging from the ceiling would quite fit the Minted Interiors styling aesthetic these days, but I guess it was a great creative start!
    2. What is your design ethos?
      Minted Interiors is all about boutique light-filled interiors with a contemporary Australian edge. We love high quality well designed Australian furniture and decor (which is why we love Art Hide!!) and go weak at the knees for interiors with good character ‘bones’ and lots of natural light.
    3. Tell us more about your business and how you went about starting it?
      Minted Interiors Minted Interiors is a boutique interior styling studio with a passion for uniquely personal interiors and an exceptional customer experience. We specialise in creating light filled Contemporary Australian Interiors for family homes, holiday houses and investment properties.We offer e-design and in person consulting services to clients all over Australia, sell furniture to customers by beautiful Australian Brands at a great discounted trade rate and also work on product and retail styling projects from a number of Australian brands.
    4. Any specific challenges you faced while starting- off?
      When I first started Minted Interiors, the e-Design concept was only just emerging and as a result there were plenty of potential customers who didn’t know how e-design worked. So a big part of my marketing was all about educating my audience, in what could be achieved via e-design. Given my location of Geraldton (4.5hrs North of Perth) this was an integral part of growing the MI brand nationally. I’m happy to say that since 2014 I have worked with clients from all over the country including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth as well as regional areas including the Wheatbelt and of course Geraldton. I also make regular work trips to Perth and the East Coast to assist clients in person.
    5. Apart from work, what are your other interests? Where do you find your inspiration?
      We have three small children Lotte 5, Jemima 3 and Wilbur 1 so most of my work free time is spent toddler wrangling! We are an outdoorsy kind of fam and love the beach and mostly hanging in the yard on the weekends. We have big French doors that open our bedrooms up to the deck + yard, so I’ll often be faffing with styling a product shoot in the bedroom, while the kids play outside and my husband Yves gardens.
    6. How would you describe your personal style?
      I’m always drawn to a really relaxed uncontrived aesthetic. Interiors that look relatable and livable – somewhere you can imagine throwing your things down and lazing around. Given our beach side location, this usually translates to a coastal look in our home. I’m all about natural light and pops of colour and pattern using beautiful quality Australian designed furniture and decor.
    7. Tell us more about how you find your style inspiration for your splendid design projects?
      Inspiration comes from many places but to start I work on channeling the client – who are they? What colours speak to them? What style would suit them down to the ground? From there I look to current design trends (Aus and abroad), colours and looks that would suit my client’s style and lifestyle. Social media provides a plethora of inspiring imagery, products and spaces – so much to muse over and draw from.
    8. What is your method when it comes to design?
      What aspect are you the most excited/passionate about when doing custom home-design projects?I always want to create something powerful and original, which the client completely relates to and falls in love with, so the challenge of achieving that is the most exciting part of my role.
    9. Tell us about your favourite project so far?
      This is a tough question – so many to choose from! Obviously styling Art Hide’s Arlequin Hide collection for the Art Hide digital marketing campaign, was a great project to work on. I alwaysenjoy working with high quality Australian pieces like these and Kura was so lovely to deal with. I’m working on a project at the moment which is soon to be revealed which is up there as one of my current faves – Contemporary Australian Beachouse…that’s all I will say for now!!

  1. How did you discover Art Hide? What is it about the brand that appeals to you the most?
    I discovered Art Hide on Instagram. The quality and design of your floor rugs really appealed to me and I knew my clients would also relate. It’s so refreshing to see a new take on cowhide on the market and obviously we are suckers for Australian high quality design so Art Hide ticked a lot of boxes for us.
  2. Why Art Hide? What do you think of their collections?
    The Art Hide collections are sophisticated and high quality but easily transferrable to casual, relaxed and laid back settings – probably the thing I love most about Art Hide.
  3. Any personal favourites from their signature rug collections? Any other products that you are a fan off?
    The Arlequin Hides are a big favourite but I also adore Trilogia Rugs – the cream is stunning and the EMERALD is HOT. In love.
  4. How was your overall experience working with Art Hide, Kura and Bree? (A few quick words should suffice…)
    Fantastic. They are very lovely and a joy to work with. They place their trust whole heartedly in my styling skills, which allows me to explore my creative vision uninhibited. Perfect client!

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