Art Hide’s beautiful new 70s inspired collection

The 70s had it all – from boho chic to retro glam – and its influence on fashion and interiors has transcended generations like few eras, before or since. Australian interiors brands Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy have selected the best elements of the iconic decade and infused them throughout their decadent new homewares collections.

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Art Hide is the go-to brand for on trend, large cowhide rugs for sale, including popular cream cowhide rugs. Art Hide also offers a stunning array of coloured cowhide rugs including large cowhide floor rugs within its collection of cowhide rugs online, and at stockists for cowhide rugs Sydney, cowhide rugs Perth and cowhide rugs Melbourne, to name a few.

Cowskin rugs have long been popular but with the clever design from Art Hide, cowhide rugs are elevated to as whole new level of gorgeous! All of Art Hide rugs are fully customisable, your you can create a large cowhide rug, or one that is made to fit your specific space. We are a one stop shop for the very best cowhide rugs in Australia and the USA.

They’re also absolutely fabulous for households with children. Find out more here!

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