Art Hide offers an exclusive, bespoke service, working closely with our customers to design pieces that are truly tailor made. Specifiable as an architectural finish, cowhide is luxurious, warm and versatile. Add in Art Hide’s manufacturing, technical and design expertise and the sky is the limit.

Art Hide’s materials work brilliantly as wall, floor and furniture coverings; creating a stunning and unique focal point in commercial spaces like hotel lobbies, bars and clubs, as well as in the home. We’ve undertaken some truly spectacular projects; including striking wrapped panels in restaurants, giant boardroom rugs and works of art in international five star hotels. We’ve done everything from small bedside rugs to grand floor fillers. Our specifying kit for our designers includes a cowhide folio with samples of our range.

Art Hide offers a highly personalised, free design service, called Room Service. We create highly realistic renders for clients to show what Art Hide’s cowhide rug will look like at their house and offer samples so our clients can get the colours right for their project.

Any of Art Hide’s designs can be custom sized or coloured – and entirely new designs can be created. Apart from this, we can also create all sorts of designs from delicate lace like filigree, contemporary geometric inspired patterns, creative coloured accents that work with both the texture and tonal elements of the natural hide and even logos in our bespoke range. Our signature laser cutting technique enables tiles to be produced in any shape or size and to exact specification. Art Hide continually develops its colour range in line with emerging trends and each collection evokes a different style, which can be influenced by fashion, travel, occasion and interiors.

Our in-house rendering services, combined with our catalogue and it makes creating bespoke pieces super easy. Art Hide’s comprehensive, bespoke design service is available through the company’s extensive network of representatives across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the USA and further afield.

We love creating unique masterpieces for our clients. Whether it’s an adaptation of one of our designs, or a new one-of-a-kind creation entirely of your imagination; Art Hide’s bespoke service will bring it to life! Contact us for more details about our bespoke service – we’re always happy to help!