Premium Cowhide Rugs, Furniture and Accessories by Art Hide


Distinguished by Design, to be Admired for a Lifetime.

Art Hide’s brings to you an extensive range of premium quality cowhide rugs, cushions and an eclectic range of handbags and other accessories. Striking and original designs feature across all collections; what you’ll find are beautiful heirloom pieces with a guaranteed ‘wow-factor’!

All Art Hide’s designer rugs are made from high-quality cowhide and finished with commercial grade nylon thread and feature a ribbon edge finish, ensuring they will last a lifetime.


lasered cowhide rugs

Lasered Rugs

Art Hide’s premium lasered rug collection creates a very special aesthetic appeal through its range of uniquely designed cowhide floor rugs. These designer rugs feature our signature laser burn technique, which include delicate, finely etched patterns to jaw-dropping swirling motifs!

accent cowhide rugs for bedroom

Tiled Rugs

Art Hide’s tiled rug collection combines beautiful custom colours with rich natural shades of high-quality cowhide. The colour combinations are artfully and considerately applied to form strikingly beautiful modern leather rugs that you simply will not find anywhere else. Our round rugs are truly cut above the rest!

alta patchwork cowhide rugs


The Alta designer rug range pairs bright pops of colour with natural shades of premium cowhide to create a striking medley of colours that will add spades of charisma and sophistication to your interiors and home decor. This designer cowhide rug collection combines smaller tiles and tessellations, in a combination that delivers on style, but saves on price.

brown and white cowhide rug

Classic Rug Collection

Art Hide’s signature classic cowhide rug collection will instantly reinvent your space with its bold, graphic designs and plush texture, allowing you to experience luxury in its truest form. These stunning leather rugs are destined to become the focal point in any room.

natural hide rugs


If you are looking for something more eclectic, try out one of Art Hide’s natural cowhide pelts. Made of premium quality leather, these designer hides are elegantly finished with a metallic devore technique to create a look like no other!

cowhide pillows for couch


Made from top quality cowhide leaather, Art Hide’s range of designer cushions and throw pillows match many of Art Hide’s signature rugs and also feature a variety of hand-etched styles. Whether lasered, hand etched or tiled, the diversity in this collection ensures there is something for every style preference!

cowhide handbag


This collection features an unparalleled selection of luxurious cowhide handbags, clutches and tote bags all made from soft cowhide, with premium textured leather contrasts and finished with gold detailing.

cowhide ottoman furniture


The sublimely elegant Art Hide cowhide ottomans knock all other ottomans out of the park! From delicately finished hides to the hand etched styles, we make ottomans like no one does.