Why is Hide Such a Great Material for Kid-Friendly Homes?

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Babies and toddlers love playing on the floor, and rarely grow out of the habit as they get older. For parents, this can be a cause for both concern (is it clean enough to keep kids safe?) and amusement (think of all the photo ops!)… But should your kids’ joy at rolling around on a warm carpet really be tempered by your worry?

The solution? Art Hide!


Cow hide has become a popular of material for home furnishings, lending its versatile and low-maintenance appeal to homes all over the world.

Art Hide creates a vast array of rugs, cushions and furniture in all manner of designs, but perhaps one of its greatest assets is the child-friendliness of hide as a textile.

Art hide tiled rug

Here’s why you should select Art Hide first and foremost if you’ve got little ones running around your home (and Kura and Bree the sister-owners of Art Hide should know – they have five little girls between them!).

  • Art Hide is natural – If you’re like most parents today, you probably want to minimize your kids’ exposure to potentially harmful materials. Traditional rugs and carpets usually shed fibres that your children could be inhaling, rubbing all over their skin or even (of course) taking into their mouth at some point!

    angulo-cowhide rug-rectangle-pink
    It’s Durable
    – The natural oils in cowhide give it a wonderful layer of protection without synthetic preservative coatings. No matter how much wear and tear it takes (with endless sessions of being jumped on, run over with toy cars or used as a secret indoor campsite), Art Hide can handle it!angulo-rug-rectangular-grey
  • It feels great – One of the most appealing aspects of hide is that it offers a unique tactile experience. It’s soft on the surface with a tougher “underlayer”, an endlessly fascinating contrast for a kid’s curious brain, whether they’re lying on it and dreaming or just running their tiny fingers over it!
  • It’s Low-MaintenanceCowhide cushions and carpeting and are among the easiest kinds to keep clean, since their natural oils protect them from spills and stains. It repels dirt, dust, crayon shavings, food crumbs and even liquids (check out our play dough test here).

dalmata-cowhide rug
Just shake it off outside, wipe with a damp cloth or lightly vacuum to clean!

  • They’re Hypoallergenic – Childhood allergies turn into lifelong problems if they’re aggravated too often or too severely during your kid’s early years. Natural materials like wool are often triggers, while synthetic fibres can trap dust and offer dust mites the perfect home. Hide is both hypoallergenic and easy to clean!

Art Hide is not just ideal for kid-friendly interiors, but equally perfect for their furry playmates too!

What are you waiting for? There’s a host of hues, textures and finishes waiting to be explored at Art Hide , from warm and sophisticated designs to brightly-coloured works your little ones will love… Dress up your kids’ play spaces, bedrooms and common areas of the home with this gorgeous natural material today!

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